Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm a Local, and then some

I literally don't know what to say for this post but everything inside my body wants something new on my page for my crazy fans to enjoy! BAH! So here are some pics of my life

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Time Where the Weather's Fine

It's that time of year again, although I am at work in my rain jacket because, yes, it is raining outside and its freezing. But I still have the fever, not the kind of fever that calls for a Niquil Knock-Out though . . . . dang it.
The thing is that I am going to Tennessee again for almost four whole months and I am watching every video on Vimeo for the 6th or 18th time because I love it that much! Also, I love school, but I am THE absolute worst at it so everything about me wants to be in a car. For 30 hours. With stinky boys!
I honestly am waiting for an astroid to destroy the legs I stand on because my life is amazing! I couldn't ask for anything better for myself! Okay, we can explore the fact that I'll be in school for far too long, but even that I am going to be okay with.
I am going to miss my family though, I need those little punks and they need me because its family.
I love you, I love everybody.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank You Notes

Thank you, Advil, for being like m&m’s that went to medical school.

Thank you, fall clothes, for making everybody look like they are about to go hunting in a Jane Austen novel.

Thank you, Omelette, for being a more popular way of saying, "Egg Taco".

Thank you, knife and fork, for keeping spoon in check. He made a move on my pasta last night, but you guys were there to show him what's what.

Thank you, watches, for not being called, "clock bracelets", even though that's what really what you are.

Thank you, guy standing in front of me in the elevator at work this morning who I basically spooned with standing up. If only the elevator was playing some Ke$ha instead that music, I would have been all up in that piece.

Thank you, Cool Ranch Doritos, for being so delicious that I forget that you make my breath smell like dragon barf for the next seven hours after I eat you.

Thank you, German tourists, for finally answering the question, "Who uses the waiststrap on backpacks?"

Thank you, Lifetime Achievement Awards, for being a nice way of saying, "You are about to die".

Thank you, 2:30 in the morning, for always being the first sign that tomorrow's gonna suck

Thank you, calculator watches, for allowing me to combine my three greatest passions: telling time, doing math, and dressing like a space captain.

Thank you, Lance Armstrong, for competing in another Tour de France even though you're 40 years old. That takes a lot of ball.

Thank you, guy who freaked out after seeing a double rainbow. What does it mean? It means the mushrooms are kicking in.

Thank you, neighbors who put up a sign that says, "We don't swim in your toilet so don't pee in our pool". Pretty clever, but that's not stopping me.

Thank you, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, for joining Pat Riley in Miami. You guys are like the new Golden Girls.

Thank you, my Driver's License photo, for reminding me that I look exactly like a homeless serial killer.

Thank you, brisk rejuvenating five mile run I had this morning - in my dreams. And when I woke up, I found a bear claw at Starbucks.

Thank you, handkerchiefs, for being a fancy way of saying, "I blow my nose into a tiny pillowcase in my pocket.

Thank you, gym that I go to. On the plus side, your treadmills have TV's on them. On the downside, your TV's have treadmills on them.

Thank you, Celtics star Paul Pierce, for having the heart of a champion, and the facial hair of a 7th grader who just hit puberty.

Thank you, summer barbecues, fow always having fun family games like horseshoes, croquet, and let's see how many daiquiris Grandma can drink before she gets racist.

Thank you, lucky rabbit's foot. Nothing brings me more chronic luck that clutching the severed foot of an unlucky bunny.

Thank you, group of speedwalkers, for looking like a highly focused and technical race to a bathroom.

Thank you, teddy bears, for being way less judgmental than real bears when I try to spoon with you.

Thank you, people who wear mirrored sunglasses. It's like I'm looking at you, looking at myself, looking at you, looking at myself, wait, WHO AM I?!?

Thank you, people who make me take my shoes off when I visit your house. I hope everyone feels uncomfortable and everything smells like feet.

Thank you, Kate Gosselin, for saying you don't care what others think about you. By others, I think you mean your 8 kids.

Thank you, salad dressing, for making sure that my salads are never undressed sluts.

Thank you, people who say, "Wow you're really photogenic", for not saying, "Wow, you're really ugly in person".

Thank you, 35-year old guy whose name is also Justin Bieber. Good luck introducing yourself to people the rest of your life.

Thank you, crutches, for showing me how people would walk if our legs came out our armpits.

Thank you, me from 3 months ago, for promising that I'll get in shape during the winter. You lying sack of. It's 4:00, put down the Cinnabon.

Thank you, marshmallow Peeps, for being somehow much easier to snack on than real baby chickens.

Thank you, person I'm walking behind who happens to be walking to the same place as I am, for making me feel like I'm following them. And when I say, "I'm not following you", you don't feel at ease.

Thank you, receipts from Best Buy, for being unnecessarily long. Hey, thanks for buying the 4th season of Lost, here's a whole rain forest.

Thank you, eyebrows, for being there. Because if you weren't, we'd all look pretty weird.

Thank you, tiny children who call spaghetti pasghetti. Just because you're tiny doesn't mean you get to talk like an idiot.

Thank you, speedskaters, for simulating what it would be like if a handcuffed guy tried to get away on rollerblades.

Thank you, 1/100 of a second, for apparently being a huge crapload of time.

Thank you, Olympic rings, for showing Fruit Loops what they can become if they apply themselves.

Thank you, people who show off their high school Spanish when ordering at a Mexican restaurant. The way you just said fajita made me feel like I was wandering the rustic streets of Guadalajara. No, I'm at a Taco Bell and you're holding up the line amigo. I'm sorry, AMIGO.

Thank you, my checked luggage. I hear you enjoyed Puerto Rico this Christmas vacation.

Thank you, pizza box, for being impossible to dispose of. Thank you for not fitting inside any trash can, trash bin, or trash chute, and thank you for spilling half-eaten crust on me whenever I try to dispose of you.

Thank you, guy who buys an entire outfit from one store. You clearly saw the mannequin and thought, "That's the one".

Thank you, zebras, for showing me what horses would look like if I were on acid.

Thank you, Pez dispensers, for being little creatures that vomit candy out of your necks.

Thank you, new rule that says we have to sneeze into our arms. Now, when I sneeze, I look like Batman.

Thank you, the name Lloyd, for starting with two Ls. I'm glad those two Ls are there, because otherwise, I'd call you Loyd.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Spring Break in Mexico

Summer and The 4th in Tenneshmeezy

Lake Powell for my Birfday

This little chumples was born in June

Hobbsy came and visited Logan Town

Climbed some

Hiked some

Lived with these chumples

And one of these little devils got their mission call!

2011 I think you are awesome and to 2012, I look forward to spending time with you

P.S. I have learned that personifying everything is so funny

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let me build your yard

I'm going to miss when I tell people that I am a biology major, they automatically think I am a super brain. I'm not a biology major anymore. Probably because I'm not a super brain. I am a Landscape Architecture Major, in the college of Agriculture. But you bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to be the best landscape architect these chumples have ever seen! Then you'll have to be impressed!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am sitting in class, talking to my friend here and there. Learning about carbocations, you know. Devo, the friend, begins to tell me a story with illustrations mind you.
The story starts with, "So when I was in second grade . . ." As he is drawing a box of crayons.
"And I sat by this kid. I thought that the crayons looked like missiles. And he thought that they looked like missiles too. So we talked to each other and then he started to get bad grades. But I didn't get bad grades. So my teachers moved me. But I kept distracting kids. . ."
So anyways long story short ten minutes of class go by as he was telling me this story. Some things don't change?

Friday, October 21, 2011

I like that I have a job. I like that I am changing my major. I like where I live. I like my roommates. I like my neighbor friends. I like my ward. I like my bishop. I like my institute class. I like my genetics class. . . well not really that one. I like to run. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. I like Logan. I like peanut butter M&Ms. I like my eyes. I like my hairs. I like my mom. I like my dad. I like my house. I like my Alisons. I can do ANYTHING GOOD!